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Talk turned to symptomen my own weight loss, and he asked me if I could put him on a diet to help him lose his little pot belly. . I said Sure, and told him about my meat, cheese, salad and green vegetable diet. . I told him that I had lost my weight eating a ton of steak and had continued to. . he was thrilled because he loved steak and had been avoiding it because of everything he had been reading about red meat and heart disease. . I had our nurse draw his blood for the lab part of his physical and sent him on his way. The next day i was going through all the results from the bloodwork that had been drawn the day before when I came upon his. . I nearly dropped my teeth. Total cholesterol: 312, lDL? TG: 1515 (There was a note on the lab sheet that said they were unable to determine the hdl because the serum was too lipemic (cloudy with fat)?!?!). I thought, Whoa!, a 32 year old premenopausal woman is one thing, but a 55 year old male right in the middle of major-heart-disease-risk age is something else. . And here i had put this guy with totally disrupted lipids on a red-meat diet, which, according to current medical thinking, would almost guarantee to make the situation worse. .

dieet leververvetting

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Total cholesterol: 292, lDL: 192, hDL 70, tG: 149. I had hoped for a change for the leuke better, but I hadnt in my wildest dreams expected this kind of change. . i kind of figured that her triglycerides and cholesterol would come down slowly over several months, not that they would drop like rocks in only three weeks. The second of my life-changing patients was a casual friend of mine who came to see me about a week after my experience with Angie. . he was a 55 year old guy well call Lynn who worked in advertising. . I had gotten to know him when his company created some brochures for our clinic. . he came to see me for an insurance physical. He arrived, we chatted, and then I looked him over. . I poked and prodded and listened at all the appropriate places. . He was a thinnish white male who was just starting to develop a little (and I mean little) paunch. . I would never paard have even noticed it had he not been sitting there with his shirt off.

dieet leververvetting

she shouldnt and sent her on her way with my home phone number and my beeper number (this was before the days of cell phones). I told her to call me if she had even the slightest problem and to return to the office in three weeks for a recheck no matter what. And I gnawed my nails. . I had the staff call her after a few days to see if she was doing okay. . She reported that she was fine. I got no emergency calls from her and in three weeks she returned. . Her right upper quadrant pain had vanished as had her nausea. . She reported that she had never felt better. . She had even lost nine pounds (which was a fair amount for her since she wasnt that overweight to begin with).   I rechecked her labs and waited anxiously for them to come back from the lab the next day. . When they did, i was stunned.

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A patient who was female and pre-menopausal with terrible lipids. . I figured I could treat such a patient without any risk of her developing heart disease over the short term, and I planned to recheck lipids way sooner than the normal six weeks. . Since her lipids were so out of the ordinary for one so young, i asked md to repeat them, fasting, puisten have the results sent to me and to send Angie to see me after her repeat labs had come back. When I got her labs, i knew the first reading wasnt an error. . In fact, they were a little worse than when md checked them the first time. Total cholesterol: 374 mg/dl (all values in mg/dl). Hdl: 28, triglycerides (TG) 2080 (There was no value for ldl because ldl is a calculated number and cant maag be calculated when the triglycerides are over 400 mg/dl.). Upon examination I found a pleasant mildly overweight young woman who had no real physical signs except for mild tenderness in the right upper quadrant of her abdomen when I really pushed. . She had no family history of heart disease and she didnt smoke both pieces of information that made me feel better about what I was preparing. (Not only were her lipids a mess, Angies liver enzymes were way abnormal as well. . I now know that she had non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder, but we (the medical profession) didnt really recognize that as a common disease back then. .

But for purposes of this post, Im going to refer to them by a bogus first name just to make it easier to keep track. The first of the four patients well call Angie. . She was referred to me by md, who was working at a different clinic than i at the time. . Angie came into see md for nausea and vague abdominal pains, symptoms that, along with tenderness in her upper right abdomen, led md to suspect gall bladder disease. . Angie was a 32 year old woman who was mildly overweight and had vague abdominal pain, but no other remarkable findings. . md drew blood on her and sent her for a gall bladder ultra sound. . The ultra sound came back negative, but her blood work was a doozy.   Her total cholesterol was over 300, and her triglycerides were about 1900. . md called me and said have i ever got the patient for you. . This was what I had been waiting for. .

dieet leververvetting

Is that what youre telling this jury, sir? You, sir, caused this mans fatal heart attack, did you not? But more than being worried about this scenario, i didnt want to do anything harmful to anyone. . i knew it would be difficult to live with myself if I thought I had killed someone or caused a heart attack out of pure negligence. Youve got to remember that at this time there was no one in his/her right mind recommending a low-carb diet. . There was Atkins, of course, but he had been totally discredited in the eyes of the medical profession by that time. . It wasnt until over 20 years later in 2004 that he and the low-carb diet got even minimally rehabilitated. . I was very uneasy to say the least. Then four patients came into my clinic, one almost right after the other, who changed my life. . In my actual practice, im kind of old school and always refer to my patients as Mr, miss or Mrs.

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I had read the biochemistry texts, and i knew that insulin stimulated hmg co-a reductase, the rate limiting enzyme in the cholesterol synthesis pathway; and i also knew that glucagon (insulins counter regulatory hormone) inhibited that same enzyme. . so, in theory, lowering insulin and increasing glucagon with diet should work to treat elevated cholesterol. . But, knowing those things theoretically didnt really give me a whole lot of solace when it came to taking care of real flesh and blood patients who were entrusting their well being. Stupidly, when I started on operatie the diet myself, i didnt check my own labs, so i didnt really know what happened. . The patients that I did put on the diet were typically women who were premenopausal (a group who rarely develop heart disease so i didnt worry about them. . I checked everyones labwork, but no ones was really out of whack lipid-wise at the start of the diet, so i didnt have a lot to go on data-wise. . The few who did have minimally elevated cholesterol tended to lower it over the first six weeks (I rechecked everyone at six weeks so i figured the theoretical underpinnings of the diet were okay. . But I was still uneasy. I had visions of myself in the witness box with a sneering plaintiffs attorney saying to me: so,. Eades, are you telling the members of this jury that you put the deceased whom you knew to have high cholesterol on a diet filled with red meat! dieet leververvetting

What I came up with (with MDs help) was the crohn basis for what ultimately became Protein Power. . I lost weight like crazy. . Many of my patients noticed my weight loss and started clamoring for me to help them to become thin. At the time i started treating patients with the low-carb diet, cholesterol was just starting to be demonized. . For the first time, people were concerned about their cholesterol levels (and at that time, the upper level for normal for total cholesterol was 220 mg/dl, 20 units higher than it is now) It was the era taubes discusses in his great paper The soft. Low-fat diets were the rage. . The 8-week cholesterol Cure, a book about eating giant oat bran muffins daily and taking sustained-release niacin was in the writing and destined to be a mega bestseller. . The fear of fat was settling in on America. And here i was starting to put patients on low-carb, high-fat diets to help them lose weight. Back then I had bought into the lipid hypothesis and truly believed excess cholesterol did indeed lead to heart disease. . As a consequence, killerbody i was a little squeamish about putting people who might actually be at risk for heart disease on the diet. .

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Or dont eat carbohydrates. The latter seemed to make a lot more sense over the long run. I remembered the Atkins diet. . I had read his book ten years before, but that eters was before i went to medical school and was while i was still rail thin. . (Why did I read it? . Because it was a huge bestseller, much in the news, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.) I dug out my copy and reread. . Nowhere was insulin mentioned in the original book. . he talked about some mysterious fat mobilizing substance (fms, as he called it which couldnt be insulin because insulin doesnt mobilize fat it stores. . The references cited in the back of the Atkins book for fms listed scientific papers written in German. But, by then, i was on to insulin, so i didnt bother trying to seek them out. I decided to design a diet for myself with lowering insulin in mind. .

dieet leververvetting

I started tracing out all the pathways for fat storage and noticed that in virtually every one insulin turned up somewhere. . Then I started reading about all the pathways involving insulin and realized that excess insulin had to be the agent driving the storage of excess fat. . I then went back to the physiology texts, reread them in light of my new found knowledge, and discovered that they reinforced what I had learned from the biochemistry text. I just hadnt realized it, until I had made the insulin connection. (I drew out all the different pathways insulin worked through on piece of paper that weve saved, restaurant but I cant lay my hands on it right now. . If I find it, Ill post.). This was long before the days of google and online searches; in fact, it was at least two years before i owned my first computer. . so i did what you did in those days: I trekked to the medical library at the med school, ran a search on insulin and obesity through their system, and came up with a handful of papers. The research into this field was quite new and sparse back then, but I learned about the newly proposed theory of insulin resistance, which answered my question as to why anyone would ever develop excess insulin levels in the first place. Then i asked myself the big question: If I have too much insulin (and I was guessing I did it wasnt something you measured in those days unless you were in a scientific lab how do i get it down? . There were only two conclusions. .

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Four patients who changed my life. January 2010, In the early 1980s md and I were laboring away in anonymity in our clinics recepten in Little rock, arkansas. . by that time i had gone through my thin-to fat-to thin again metamorphosis, and I was starting to treat patients for obesity. . my own transformation had been fairly striking, a crackers fact not lost on many of my overweight patients, a number of whom were seeking my professional advice on treating their own weight problems. . I was still doing a fair amount of general primary care medicine, but more and more of my time was being diverted to helping people lose weight. When i, myself, had gotten fat, i had tried a few diets that were then being extolled (including the Pritikin diet) and had experienced pretty much the same thing most people did with these diets: I lost a few pounds, drifted from the diet, and. I then started thinking seriously about obesity as a medical problem, and, in an effort to learn all I could about it, i turned to the medical textbooks on my shelves. . Unfortunately, none of them contained any information I found particularly enlightening. . The texts went into great detail about the risks associated with obesity and the many diseases that it either caused or made worse, but, other than recommending caloric restriction, none really discussed the treatment. . None really discussed (at least not to my satisfaction) what happens metabolically that makes people store excess fat. I next turned to physiology texts, which didnt help a lot, either. . I then grabbed my old medical school biochemistry textbook (I hadnt been out of med school all that long at the time, so it was fairly current) and struck gold. .

Dieet leververvetting
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Nafld en nash, leververvetting die niet is veroorzaakt door alcohol wordt niet-alcoholische leververvetting of, non Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease (nafld) genoemd. Als mensen met nafld een leverontsteking krijgen, dan wordt dat. Non Alcoholic Steato-hepatitis (nash) genoemd. Leververvetting oorzaak, een vetlever is een reversibele aandoening waarbij een overmatige hoeveelheid vet in de lever aanwezig. Leververvetting komt wereldwijd voor bij mensen met overmatige alcoholinname en obesitas (met of zonder effecten van insulineresistentie).

dieet leververvetting Oqucebov, Mon, May, 14, 2018

Leververvetting wijst op een overmatige ophoping van vet in de levercellen. Het is een omkeerbaar proces, wat inhoudt dat de vetstapeling verdwijnt zodra je de onderliggende oorzaak wegneemt. Als de oorzaak niet wordt aangepakt, zal de vetstapeling zich uitbreiden. Bij grofweg 20 procent van alle mensen bij wie de leververvetting langdurig aanwezig is, leidt leververvetting tot leverontsteking (hepatitis wat op den duur kan overgaan in levercirrose waarbij levercellen vervangen worden door littekenweefsel (bindweefsel). Levercirrose is een ernstige ziekte die onomkeerbaar is en waarbij allerlei complicaties kunnen ontstaan.

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Leververvetting of steatose is de meest voorkomende aandoening aan de lever en het wordt steeds vaker gezien als gevolg van de veranderingen in onze voeding en (ongezonde) leefgewoonten. Het is belangrijk om een gezonde leefstijl te hanteren en de risicofactoren van leververvetting aan te pakken, zodat de lever zich weer (gedeeltelijk) kan herstellen. De prognose is gunstig als de risicofactoren worden weggenomen. Leververvetting, normale lever en vervette lever / Bron: Alila medical Media/m.

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Leververvetting duidt op een ophoping van vet in de lever. Leververvetting geeft vaak geen klachten, maar als de ziekte voortschrijdt kunnen klachten ontstaan als jeuk, algehele malaise, moeheid, etc. De lever ligt rechtsboven in de buik en speelt onder meer een rol bij de vetstofwisseling in het lichaam. Wanneer dit proces verstoord raakt, kan de uitscheiding van vet vertraagd worden waardoor zich vet kan gaan ophopen in de levercellen. Deze stapeling van vet in de levercellen wordt 'leververvetting' genoemd.

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